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Families with special needs children often require specialized financial planning, as expenses are typically much higher. The average cost of raising a child is $230,0001, not including college tuition. But raising a child with special needs (and providing care throughout their lifetime) is estimated to cost upwards of $2.4 million2. Families who must care for their special needs children during their lifetime, and even after their own death, must fulfill a number of functions, including guardianship, financial support and management, advocacy services, and living arrangements.

At Founding Capital, LLC, we help families with dependent children of all ages and in all stages of planning. Our process involves comprehensive planning and addresses the needs of individuals with disabilities to provide life-long care. We can also work with clients’ attorneys to assist with a Special Needs Trust, which can provide benefits to the child during the parent’s lifetime, as well as after their death.

Offering objective advice with personal care, our goal is to serve as a trusted resource on which clients can rely, helping them plan for their own financial future, as well as that of their child’s.

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